The Design Process

At our initial meeting I will find out what your aims and aspirations are for your garden; I will look at your house (the outside!) and see how it relates to the land around it; we will then discuss how you want to use the garden, and what the timescale is for the project. I will show you examples of past work and explain the whole design process. Should you decide to engage me, we will arrange a briefing meeting.




Contact.  Initial meeting.

Stage 1. Briefing meeting.  Site survey and analysis. Prepare the concept plan of garden. Concept plan meeting.

Stage 2. Incorporate amendments/alterations to the concept plan, follow-up    meetings as necessary (up to 2). Prepare full, scaled, coloured layout plan.    Please note no planting details (other than where planting will be placed) is given on the layout plans. This information is detailed under Stage 3.

Stage 3. On approval of layout plans, produce planting plans.  Present planting  plans. Incorporate first revisions (if any).

Stage 4. Prepare technical drawings, specifications and any other supporting   documentation required by contractor in order to tender for and carry out works.  I will keep this to a minimum and will advise you if this exceeds five hour’s work.

Stage 5. Project management of works. On site meetings (as necessary) during   construction. 

Stage 6. Planting up.

Stage 7. Preparation of a full maintenance programme for the plants, if required.





A detailed Fee Structure will be sent out to all prospective clients on request and is worked out at £50 per hour.  The Hampstead garden cost £21,500 and the Fulham one £15,000.  My fee for both came out roughly at 10% of the final bill.  The Chelsea garden, being a two hour consultation, and then created by the client, was £100!