My client had recently extended her garden, rebuilt the wall and laid down new turf, which the children were delighted with because it gave them their own football pitch.


But then my client decided it was time to do more with the garden so she called me in. She wanted an area of paving in order to put a table to eat outside; she also wanted some flower borders and some storage.


The area at the end of the garden was ideal for the paved area because it is slightly more enclosed and also because it faces south. 


A football pitch for young, but growing boys, was still required.  By staggering the paving at both ends of the garden, the indentation for two "goals" was achieved.  Robust planting made the game a reality.



The climber, Trachelospernum jasminoides, and the soft grasses, Stipa tenuissima help to break-up the long wall and to sofen it.