My Philosophy - Creating natural gardens in harmony with nature

As a starting point, I keep to the tenets of Japanese garden design, having studied under Professor Fukuhara, who designed the Japanese garden in Kew and also the one in Holland Park, London.  It is the intrinsic principles of Japanese garden design that imbue their gardens with harmony, a feeling of being at one with nature, since their gardens are a microcosm of the landscape.  


Their gardens should encapsulate the spirit of “in” and “yo” (like the “yin” and “yang” of Chinese philosophy), give and take, an object in its space. The principle of "borrowed scenery" has been incredibly useful to the gardens that I have designed, both in London and in the countryside.   


The tenet of "revealing and concealing", one which is also in tune with the principles behind Islamic gardens, adds intrigue. The "wandering path", slows ones step and calms ones spirit. 


No matter what the size of your garden, it is helpful to remember the tenet of "macrocosm to microcosm", think large, even on a tiny scale.


To clarify my approach; I create natural gardens, with flowing lines, that sit comfortably in the larger landscape.  Not Japanese gardens, but ones that are influenced by the thousand year old philosophy of working with nature to create harmony, with grace and subtlety.